Student and Academic Services

Our vision is to provide enriching and exemplary services, guidance and support to all members of the 四虎影院 and beyond, building successful partnerships that inspire and empower individuals to flourish and proactively contribute to the University's strategic aspirations.

We do this by offering an outstanding and valuable experience to our students that enhances student life, retention, success and progression.

We also support our academic colleagues in achieving excellence in their research and teaching, as well as working with the wider community in our commitment to being a University for the public good. 

The department is led by the Interim Academic Registrar, Tom Banham, along with management and administration teams. 

Our department teams

    • Careers and Placements are responsible for:
      • working with students, academic departments and employers to ensure that students are prepared to take their next steps once they have completed their studies
    • Library, Archives and Learning Services are responsible for:
    • Student Life and Wellbeing are responsible for:
      • enhancing student life and experience at the University
      • delivering a range of proactive and responsive services to students and staff
    • Student Administration and Academic affairs are responsible for:
      • policies and administrative infrastructure and processes that support both taught and research student academic progress
      • coordinating the specific requirements of our sponsorship of international students and the team disbursing a range of student funding including bursaries
      • maintaining and configuring SITS and its web front end, e:Vision
      • ensuring that student data is accurate and delivered appropriately
    • Online Partnerships are responsible for:
      • providing administrative support and advice to academic staff and students on the .
    • Student and Academic Services Administration team - 
    • Student and Academic Services Directorate Projects Office (and project resources) -