Our team

Academic Registrar's Office

Staff member Role and responsibilities

Dr Wayne Campbell


Academic Registrar

Leads all key student and academic facing services that come under Student and Academic Services, along with the Office of the Academic Registrar, the Directorate Admin Service and the Projects Office.

Jo Black


Executive Officer to the Academic Registrar

  • Oversight of the business processes which underpin the Directorate’s activities, ensuring a coordinated strategic approach to operations across Student and Academic Services.
  • Responsible for the Directorate’s Admin Service and Projects Office


Helen Main


PA to the Academic Registrar and Office Manager



Vanya Gallimore


Culture and Engagement Manager


Management team

Staff member Role and responsibilities

Tom Banham


Director of Student Administration & Academic Affairs

Leads Student Administration and Academic Affairs.

Nic Streatfield


Director of Student Life and Wellbeing

Leads the Student Life and Wellbeing services and the University Chaplaincy.

Hannah Smith


Director of Student Careers and Systems

Leads Student Careers and Systems and Student Data and Management Information. The service’s overall purpose is to enhance the student and staff experience through employability, system support for SITS and e:Vision and ensuring our University data is delivered to both internal and external stakeholders for decision making purposes and meets our regulatory obligations.

Kirsty Lingstadt



Director of Library, Archives & Learning Services

Leads and manages the LibraryArchives and Learning Services including open access, support for learning technology, academic skills including information literacy for students and digital skills for the full University community.

Zoe Devlin


Head of Online Partnerships

  • Leads the York Online Support Team, who provide administrative support and advice to academic staff and students on the “York Online” Masters programmes.
  • Works closely with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students on strategic developments in this area, and manages the relationship with our external partner.