The 四虎影院 exists for public good.

Founded on principles of excellence, equality and opportunity for all, we are proud to create an environment that attracts the best staff and students from all over the world.

What we gain from our diverse communities is immeasurable. We want all our staff and students to feel they are an integral part of the York community, and together we will create an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute to university life, knowledge and growth.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are at the heart of the University’s 2030 vision and our strategic objectives for EDI are based around the University's four strategic aims.

Implementation of the previous EDI Strategy made a start on addressing some persistent EDI issues and in highlighting areas for further development. Local EDI commitments and collective good practice in faculties and departments have evolved in a context of greater societal awareness and increased community expectation about diversity and inclusion. The agenda has now become more urgent and multifaceted, extending into our research, enterprise and business priorities.

Our EDI strategic objectives

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Equality and Diversity Office
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Education that empowers

  • Developing inclusive systems and infrastructure 
  • Diversifying and decolonising the curriculum 
  • Tackling gaps across the student life cycle

Local commitment on a global scale

  • Creating transformational partnerships and practices to disrupt systemic inequalities, advancing EDI within the University and beyond
  • Experimenting with new technologies and groundbreaking strategies to challenge existing norms

Curiosity-driven and action-oriented research

  • Harnessing research to improve inclusion
  • Embedding EDI in research planning and culture

Community without limits

  • Diversifying staff and student recruitment at all levels
  • Developing inclusive leadership capability
  • Fostering understanding, belonging and respect in our university community, in the city, region and beyond

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) are responsible for developing our EDI strategy and ensuring that objectives are implemented effectively. They produce an annual report on EDI activities, achievements and priorities.

Contact us

Equality and Diversity Office
+44 (0)1904 324680