Current membership

Nominated members' periods of office are for 3 years, running from 1 August - 31 July.

Promotion to grade 7, 8, Reader and Professor

Members Term of membership Faculty
Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Professor Ken Badcock Chair
Professor Claire Chambers, English and Related Literature Joined 2021 Arts and Humanities
Professor Rachel Cowgill*, Music Joined 2020 Arts and Humanities
Dr. James Williams, English and Related Literature Joined 2020 Arts and Humanities
Professor Anne-Katrin Duhme-Klair, Chemistry Joined 2022 Sciences
Dr Jason Levesley, Mathematics Joined 2021 Sciences
Professor Sanju Velani*, Mathematics Joined 2020 Sciences
Dr Adriana Castelli, Centre for Health Economics Joined 2023 Social Sciences
Professor Susan Griffin*, Centre for Health Economics Joined 2020 Social Sciences
Professor Ian Kirkpatrick, School for Business and Society Joined 2022 Social Sciences
Additional member: Professor Jan Hardman Joined 2020
Additional member: Dr Derek Wann Joined 2023

* Chairing Faculty Advisory Panels in 2022-23

Promotion through the Professorial bands

Members Term of membership
Chair: Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Ken Badcock
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students - Professor Tracy Lightfoot
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research - Professor Matthias Ruth
Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement - Professor Kiran Trehan
Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Strategy - Professor Ambrose Field
Arts and Humanities: Elizabeth Tyler 2023 - 2026
Sciences: Professor Mike Burton 2022 - 2025
Social Sciences: Professor Martin Smith 2022 - 2025
In attendance
Director of HR: Rachael Millhouse
Reward Manager: Louise Abrahams