Digital Pattern Library

The Digital Pattern Library is the collection of user interface components that are used as building blocks when creating web pages and applications for the 四虎影院 website.

These components solve common design problems, and appear throughout our website. They range from simple elements such as buttons and icons, through to more complex elements such as tabs and accordions.

The pattern library defines the code, appearance and functionality of these components.

The components can be used together in many different ways, which allows us to build a website that has a consistent identity, without being completely rigid in its appearance.

Example uses

Structured content such as course pages
Standard website content
Online systems such as postgraduate course applications

Using the Digital Pattern Library

Web CMS users

The Digital Pattern Library Templates in the CMS are built using code from the pattern library, so you鈥檒l be using the same components without needing to write any HTML yourself.

Web developers

The pattern library contains a variety of CSS components that can be used to create interfaces that are in line with the University鈥檚 visual identity.


The Digital Pattern Library is maintained by the Digital Platforms and Developments team in Communications. Email with any queries.