The Bioeconomy in the North of England

In autumn 2015, the UK government announced regional science and innovation audits (SIAs) to catalyse a new approach to regional economic development. SIAs enable local consortia to focus on analysing regional strengths and identifying mechanisms to realise their potential. One such consortium in the North of England has assessed regional strengths and opportunities in the bioeconomy. This report presents the results, which include a broad-ranging analysis of the North of England's bioeconomy capabilities, and highlights the challenges and substantial opportunities for future economic growth.

The North of England has the facilities, specialised research and innovation capability, and industrial capacity to deliver a world-leading bioeconomy based on agri-science, agri-technology and industrial biotechnology. This is a substantial economic opportunity for the region; one that is rooted in its existing process industry infrastructure and skills, its research and innovation expertise (which includes world-class universities), its proven capability in technology translation, and its strong connectivity through good logistics, supply chains and networks.

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What is the Bioeconomy?

Source: BioVale

"In the North of England... we are particularly well organised to exploit scientific advances to grow the bioeconomy, and our region has the collective skills and determination to do so."

Steve Bagshaw CEng FIChemE
Chief Executive Officer, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies
Chair, Industrial Biotechnology Leadership Forum