Making change happen.

We've developed a suite of resources to help leaders and managers enable successful change and projects at York.

Why we've created these resources

Like many organisations, we exist in a climate of constant and increasing change. While this can make the University a dynamic and vibrant place to work, it can also present challenges.

Be it big or small, change happens best when we understand it and know why we are doing it. This helps us feel good about it and put ourselves in a good position to deliver it well and support our staff.

Change management for leaders and managers

Learn about change management at your own pace. Discover new topics or top up on areas you're less familiar with. Activities range from five minutes through to a couple of hours. They include videos, online courses and written guides.

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People and Organisational Development

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Phases of change

Understand the problem, consider your options and plan your solution. Find resources for the stage you鈥檙e at, eg planning, implementing or embedding a change.

Principles for change

We've developed five change principles to help enable successful change at York. Explore resources based on skills and behaviours, eg creating a shared vision.

Project management

Our project management resources include templates, guides and frameworks. They’re designed to guide you through each phase of a project with easy-to-follow steps.

We've also got templates specifically for IT projects which have a slightly different set of requirements.

Project management resources 


If you're in a leadership or management role, you may want to develop a range of skills that support you in your role, many of which are core to supporting change:

Change resources for me

How do I respond to change? How does change impact me? How does change affect others? Our resources aim to help you explore these questions.

Explore changes resources for me

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People and Organisational Development

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