Financial Regulations

The University has Financial Regulations to ensure that it properly looks after the money it is paid by students, funders, donors, organisations and governments.

The UK Government will only pay money to the University if it has Financial Regulations in place. All staff and students should adhere to the regulations. The Financial Regulations and the Scheme of Delegated Approvals combine to inform the University's decision making processes. The Financial Policies below give further guidance on the operation of the Financial Regulations.

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Key points of the Financial Regulations

A summary on how to comply with the Financial Regulations.

Find the answers to the most common questions about the Financial Regulations via the 10 Things Everyone Should Know about the Financial Regulations.

This handy  summarises some of the typical staff-related regulations. 

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Financial Policies

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  • Fraud should be reported to
  • See the full Fraud Response Plan.  
  • Requests for staff or student bank account changes that look suspicious will be reported to the affected person (or supplier) and the relevant bank fraud line.

See the VAT page for more information about VAT at the 四虎影院, as well as the University Tax Policy (MS Word , 33kb)

The purpose of this policy is to set out the procedures for payment of lay persons for their involvement with, or participation in, research trials, surveys, interviews, physical tasks etc. The policy includes  on how much to pay etc.

Please note that at the 四虎影院 we have to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards when we deal with payment by credit and debit cards. These standards apply to people, processes and systems, and their purpose is to protect the integrity of cardholder data and reduce the risk of a breach.

It is important that we follow these standards in relation to cardholder data, for example it is University policy to not store or hold cardholder data in any format. Breaches of data have to be reported and the consequences of this are serious for the University. Below are some key points for you to note:

  • Only authorised people who have received training can process payments
  • Report any concerns or suspicions about a device to your manager
  • Only allow trusted people to handle payment card terminals
  • Check payment processing equipment (eg payment card terminals) for evidence of tampering
Please see the  for more information. Everyone taking payments needs to complete this course.
  • Advice about protecting staff from receiving large cash payments can be found on our anti-money laundering policy page.
  • Please use the  to report potential money laundering events to the University's Money Laundering Officer.
  • Staff must follow the University's Sanctioned Countries Policy before entering into arrangements with customers or suppliers. 
  • The UK Government publishes two useful documents that are relevant to Universities:
  • The 四虎影院 also has to comply with US government sanctions as a condition of its loan financing:
  • February 2019 ) on retention of expenses claims, purchase card records and supplier invoices.
  • This guidance sets out the considerations when making donations to other charities (eg Oxfam) from the University. It also provides some guidance on what to do when a person/member of staff wants a their fee donated to a charity.

Scheme of Delegated Approvals

The Scheme of Delegated Approvals sets out who can take decisions and who can sign documents on behalf of the University.

View the Scheme of Delegated Approvals

Approval Documents

In addition to the above scheme there are two approvals documents which set out the approvals for research, studentships and other contracts, claims etc

  1. Research and other activities (PDF , 93kb)
  2. Studentships (PDF , 73kb)




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