The academic year is made up of two semesters - plus a summer semester for postgraduate taught students.

Exceptions: Some courses are structured differently, typically those which include professional placements - check with your department or school.

What is a semester?

You study three 20-credit modules each semester. The idea is that you begin, complete and are assessed on your teaching and learning within each semester. Each semester consists of:

  • One week for induction
  • 11 weeks of teaching
  • Four weeks for revision and assessment

Semesters guide

Download our semesters poster to see where your teaching, assessment and vacation weeks are in 2023/24:

四虎影院 semesters 2023/24 (PDF , 23kb)

Semester dates

Date Week
11 Sep Postgraduate welcome activities begin
18 Sep Freshers week
25 Sep Teaching week 1
2 Oct Teaching week 2
9 Oct Teaching week 3
16 Oct Teaching week 4
23 Oct Teaching week 5
30 Oct Consolidation week*
6 Nov Teaching week 6
13 Nov Teaching week 7
20 Nov Teaching week 8
27 Nov Teaching week 9
4 Dec Teaching week 10
11 Dec Teaching week 11
18 Dec Vacation*
25 Dec Vacation*
1 Jan Vacation*
8 Jan Revision week*
15 Jan Revision and assessment
22 Jan Revision and assessment
29 Jan Revision and assessment

*Attendance on campus is not compulsory these weeks

Date Week
5 Feb Refreshers week
12 Feb Teaching week 1
19 Feb Teaching week 2
26 Feb Teaching week 3
4 Mar Teaching week 4
11 Mar Teaching week 5
18 Mar Teaching week 6
25 Mar Vacation*
1 Apr Vacation*
8 Apr Teaching week 7
15 Apr Teaching week 8
22 Apr Teaching week 9
29 Apr Teaching week 10
6 May Teaching week 11
13 May Revision week*
20 May Revision and assessment
27 May Revision and assessment
3 Jun Revision and assessment

*Attendance on campus is not compulsory these weeks


You will be expected to be on campus for the 11 Teaching and Learning Weeks each semester and also whilst you are undertaking assessments. It is also highly recommended you attend during Freshers/Refreshers weeks as these contain key orientation events for all students.

You aren’t required to be on campus for the consolidation, vacation or revision weeks but University resources will continue to be available throughout the year. 

Taught postgraduate students also have a summer semester and are required to attend over the summer period.

Semester dates