The current cost of living crisis is affecting everyone, with increases in utility bills, food prices and transport costs.

We're very concerned about the impact of money worries on our students and postgraduate researchers. We've created this hub to bring together all the support we offer in one place.

We're continuing to look for more ways to provide cost of living support to students - for example with household bills, food bills, on-campus employment opportunities and more. We'll regularly update this hub with help and support as we can make it available.

of 四虎影院 students

are worried about finances ('Tell us' student survey, February 2022)

of our students don't talk to anyone

about money or finance worries

Please contact us if you need help

Talking about money can feel uncomfortable at times, and it is sometimes hard to know who to talk to.

The most important thing to know is that you can, and should, reach out if you need help.

Our Student Support and Advice Team can provide information, advice and guidance. The specialist trained advisers can direct you to student discounts and funds you may be eligible for. They will help you manage your budget, give debt advice and help with housing concerns.

Support is available to all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and postgraduate researchers, regardless of your status. Whether you are an international student, a mature student, a student living at home, or on a distance learning programme, you can contact the Support and Advice Team.

It's always better to ask for help before you are in crisis, help is free and confidential. You can refer yourself to the Student Support and Advice Team by completing their self-referral form.

Get support and advice

Ways we can help you

Financial support for existing students

The 四虎影院 offers a wide range of financial support, some of which has eligibility criteria. You may find it helpful to speak to one of our friendly Student Support and Advice Team, who will talk you through all your options.

Free laptop loans

The Library loans laptops free of charge. You can borrow a laptop for four hours, and there are also some available for longer-term loans.

No library fines

We're now a fine-free library. Our community has shown that we don't need to charge people money in order to make the library loan system work.

We are also committed to supporting your accommodation needs, and understand the challenges that you face. To address these issues, we are working closely with the city and have appointed an additional Housing Adviser in the Student Hub who specialises in housing matters. We are discussing the housing market in York at the highest level at the University with our new Residential Accommodation Strategy (RAS) 2022-2027. Read the ways we are supporting your accommodation needs.

Financial support for postgraduate researchers

In 2022/23 we matched the UKRI percentage uplift in PhD stipends for PGRs on scholarships funded by the University and self-funded PGRs were eligible for a £500 lump-sum payment if they were within their registration period.

Support and wellbeing for PGRs

Financial support for prospective students

A bursary is extra financial help given by the University to students. You may be eligible if you meet specific criteria related to your personal circumstances.

Scholarships are financial awards given to students following a competitive application process. They can also be awarded based on outstanding academic achievements or extra-curricular activities.

Find out more about bursaries and scholarships

Help managing your money

Managing your money effectively is really important during a cost of living crisis. You鈥檙e no doubt aware of some ways to save money and budget but top up your knowledge with our information on:

  • budgeting and living costs
  • possible sources of funding
  • ways to save money
  • dealing with debt

Managing your money

Budgeting for the costs of everyday life

Having a clear budget can help to make your money go further.

Remember that living costs will vary significantly depending on your lifestyle.

Our guides to living costs give a rough idea of your weekly spending if you live in either University accommodation or private-rented accommodation.

Guide to living costs for undergraduate students

Guide to living costs for postgraduate students

Develop financial knowledge

We鈥檝e also partnered with Blackbullion, who offer specialised support to students in all areas of financial education. Develop financial confidence, knowledge and skills with their wide range of resources. It鈥檚 quick, simple and free to sign up.

Employment support

Part-time work can be a good way for students to earn extra income, while also providing a chance to learn new skills and meet new people.

Students at York can work up to 20 hours per week during semester time (though international students may have restrictions on their visa).

Our Careers and Placements team can help you to find employment opportunities.

 to see all opportunities.

Working while you study

Wellbeing support

Money worries can have a significant impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing.

If you are finding things difficult, as well as contacting our Support and Advice Team for practical help, you can also access our range of wellbeing support.

Health and wellbeing help and support

Student Union support

四虎影院 Students' Union have listed resources that may be useful to help you understand how the cost of living crisis may affect you. They have also compiled some handy tips to help you make your budget go further.

Postgraduates should also see the GSA .