York Students in Schools (YSIS) connects you with local schools and nurseries, so that you can help make a difference to the lives of young people in York.

Join us in celebrating 30 years of YSIS! to find out more about the impact of our programme which has placed over 14,000 student volunteers into 60 schools across York. 

The programme is open to all students and helps you to build skills and gain valuable work experience for any future career. 

What's involved?

As a YSIS volunteer, we ask you to dedicate half a day per week across a semester to support a school or nursery in York. 

A typical placement will include pre-placement training during (Re-)Freshers week followed by 10 weeks on placement (including an initial visit).

YSIS offers a variety of roles, here are some of the regular opportunities:

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Email us at volunteering@york.ac.uk

You will assist teachers with various classroom activities, helping to support pupils and encourage learning. This could be with a specific subject, one to one assistance with reading, supporting a pupil with special educational needs or just an extra pair of hands to help.

Receive training from City of York Council Speech and Language Therapists on conducting .

On placement, you'll work with individual pupils to conduct assessments and provide support based on the children's needs.

Help pupils of all ages who have recently arrived in the UK and have limited English language proficiency. Training will be provided on how to develop their English skills, and there is no requirement for you to speak another language to participate in this placement.

If you speak another language, you can contribute by offering translation support or sharing your cultural background through classroom activities. Sign up for our to receive opportunities throughout the year.

Every year York secondary schools look for volunteers to help reduce the attainment gap at their school by offering in-person tutoring sessions to two pupils for up to eight weeks in Semester 2. Volunteers will be provided with training in the English or Maths curriculum, and will use their strong subject knowledge to help these pupils achieve their potential and gain confidence in their academic studies.

Join the York Mathematical Excellence Club (y = mx + c) and engage talented young people from across the city in exciting and interactive extracurricular maths workshops. Working with Year 8 and Year 9 pupils, you'll tackle challenging maths problems beyond the curriculum, such as encryption and fallacies, up to A Level standard. The club is looking for volunteers with a love and strong knowledge of maths to help coach these budding mathematicians at evening events held throughout the academic year at the University.

As a mentor, provide one-on-one support to pupils who are either transitioning from primary to secondary school or preparing to start their GCSE studies. Your role will involve boosting their confidence and increasing their engagement with school.

These full-time placements are available at the start of the Summer vacation. They provide an excellent opportunity to observe diverse teaching styles and age groups, with the potential to teach a lesson in the second week if appropriate. Block placements are ideal if you're considering a future career in teaching.

We have some Classroom Assistant and Speech and Language Assistant placements available for Semester 1. For more information, please email ysis@york.ac.uk

Before applying 

Before applying please be aware that:

  • All placement offers are subject to safeguarding checks. You will be required to complete an Enhanced DBS check and provide us with two references.
  • If you have lived abroad for three or more months, in the last five years, you will also need to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct from the relevant country(ies).
  • Bus tickets are provided for travel to placements not within walking distance of the 四虎影院.

Student experiences

"Being part of such a valuable project has been immensely rewarding knowing every week I am having a positive impact on these young people". Classroom Assistant volunteer

"I believe completing this placement has allowed me to improve skills such as using my initiative, communication, confidence, time management and working with new people of different ages". Block Placement volunteer

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Email us at volunteering@york.ac.uk